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82mm Filters

Genustech Circular Polarizer 82mm

Genustech Black Label  H&Y MRC CPL filter 88mm Our Circular Polariser fil…

£60.00 ex VAT

Genustech Eclipse ND Fader 82mm

Genustech is excited to announce the launch of our new Eclipse ND Fader.  Thi…

£95.00 ex VAT

Genustech Solar ECLIPSE ND Fader 82mm

Genus are proud to announce the launch of the Solar Eclipse, a dual purpose filter co…

£190.00 ex VAT

SLR Magic 82mm 0.4-1.8 Variable ND Filter - Mark II

The SLR Magic 82mm Variable Neutral Density 0.7 to 1.8 Filter is a solid variable neu…

£165.00 ex VAT

Syrp ND Filter 82mm

The Syrp Variable ND Filter kit is your essential DSLR film-making and photography to…

£159.00 ex VAT

Tokina 82mm Hydrophilic Coating Filter

Ultimate solution to protect from waterdrops Hydrophilic Coating   …

£266.66 ex VAT