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Aputure INFINIBAR PB6 4-Light Kit (UK Version)
SKU: APU-6971842190782

£2,253.30 ex VAT
£2,703.96 inc VAT

The INFINIBAR PB6 4-Light Kit includes four of Aputure’s 2-foot (60cm) full-color LED pixel bars efficiently packed in a protective case designed to also hold a comprehensive suite of INFINIBAR accessories. Featuring 48 pixels, intuitive mounting and connecting options with an infinite blending design, an integrated battery, and advanced connectivity methods, the INFINIBAR PB6 excels in constructing unique, colorful designs that bring scenes to life in new and exciting ways.

The 4-Light Kit expands this expansive multitool’s capabilities, with not only four times the available light, but also additional DC male-to-male power cables, adapters, and light control grids in a sturdy hard case to extend your creative possibilities. And in addition to charging each light individually, the 4-Light Kit is equipped with a 330W Power Adapter with 4-Way Splitters that can simultaneously charge all fixtures in or out of the case.

The INFINIBAR’s most unique feature is the ability to link multiple 1ft, 2ft, or 4ft INFINIBARs together using 10 differently-shaped connectors1 to design creative shapes and effects. Users can operate multiple INFINIBARs using one power supply when linked by the power-sharing connectors or use their internal batteries for greater versatility. The pixel bar’s infinite blending design also eliminates visible gaps between fixtures to create seamless pixelated effects using the PB6’s 48 RGB pixels.

Featuring advanced wireless connectivity, the INFINIBAR PB6’s 48 pixels can be grouped and controlled via Sidus Link, LumenRadio CRMX, or through wired DMX using Aputure’s USB-C to DMX Adapter. It also incorporates critical color controls (including advanced HSI with white-point adjustability, RGB, and xy) for full creative freedom. Toggle between 9 built-in System FX and 7 built-in Pixel FX, or save up to 20 Custom FX in the Sidus Link app for easy access to different light modes.

The INFINIBAR PB6’s proprietary RGBWW chipset produces stunning color quality throughout its wide CCT range of 2,000K to 10,000K with full green-magenta adjustment and can reproduce >90% of colors within the Rec.2020 Color Space. Matching Aputure’s high standards for color, the INFINIBAR PB6 also produces accurate skin tones, measuring scores of CRI: 96+, TLCI: 98+, SSI (D56): 74, and SSI (Tungsten): 85.

With its lightweight yet durable aluminum housing, the INFINIBAR PB6 provides ultimate flexibility across all shooting environments. Whether linked together or used independently, the INFINIBAR’s built-in magnets, INFINIBAR Rail and Baby Pin Clamp system, and two 1⁄4-20in threads allow the PB6 to be mounted with ease. And with its built-in 59.2Wh Lithium battery, the INFINIBAR PB6 can operate at its 14W max output for 100 minutes, making it a versatile fixture for your lighting toolkit.

  • 4-Light Kit of 2ft (60cm) 14W RGBWW Full Color LED Pixel Bars
  • 48 Individual Pixels (Lighting Zones)
  • Infinite Blending Design to Reduce Visible Gaps When Connecting Multiple Lights
  • 10 Splicing Connectors: Straight, Triangle Flat, Triangle 3D, Hexagon Flat, Hexagon 3D, 3-Way Flat, 4-Way Flat, 6-Way Flat, Square Flat, Square 3D
  • Share AC Power Over Multiple INFINIBARs w/ Splicing Connectors
  • Includes INFINIBAR Clamp (Baby Pin) & Neodymium Magnets, 1/4-20in Screw Mount
  • Frosted Diffusion Layer for Smoother Light and Reduced Glare
  • Approx. 100 Min Battery Life at Max Output (29.6Wh)
  • Simultaneously Charge Multiple INFINIBARs with New 330W Power Adapter with 4-Way Splitters
  • Includes New 5.5mm DC Barrel Male to Male Power Cables (20cm)
  • Included Hard Case and 4x 45° Slip-On Light Control Grid
  • Smart Battery Life Modes: Adjust Runtime to 2/4/6/8 Hours
  • 0-100% Brightness Control in 0.1% Increments
  • Fully Tunable CCT from 2,000K-10,000K + G/M Adjustment
  • CRI: ≥96, TLCI: ≥98, TM-30 Rf (Avg.) = 94, TM-30 Rg (Avg.) = 103, SSI(D56) ≥74, SSI(Daylight) ≥85
  • ≥90% of Colors within Rec.2020 Color Space
  • Advanced HSI with White Point CCT Control
  • Industry-standard xy (CIE 1931), RGB, 300+ Gel Presets
  • Multiple Control Methods: Sidus Link® App, DMX/RDM via USB-C2, LumenRadio CRMX
  • 32 Built-In DMX Profiles: Supports DMX Loss Behaviors
  • 9 System FX: Fireworks II, Fire II, Paparazzi II, Faulty Bulb II, TV III, Pulsing III, Cop Car III, Lightning III, Party II
  • 7 Pixel FX: Color Fade, Color Cycle, One Pixel Chase, Two Pixel Chase, Three Pixel Chase, Rainbow, Pixel Fire
  • Supports SidusPro® FX: Including Manual FX, System FX, Picker FX, Magic Program, and Music FX
  • Save up to 10 Custom FX and 10 Music FX
  • Frequency Selection to Reduce Flicker
  • Optional Softbox for Added Lighting Control
CCT:2,000K – 10,000K
CRI / TLCI:96+ / 98+
SSI (D56):74
SSI (Tungsten):85
TM-30 RF (Average):94
TM-30 RG (Average):103
Colour Chipset:RGBWW
Beam Angle (Half-Peak):120°
Max Power Output:14W
Max Power Consumption:Fixture:18W
48W PSU:20W
Operating Voltage & Current:Fixture:24V, 0.9A
48W PSU:100V-240V 50/60Hz, 1.5A
330W PSU:100V-240V 50/60Hz, 2.5A
Battery Capacity:7.4V, 4000mAh, 29.6Wh
Battery Life:Approx. 100 Mins @ Max Output
Charge Time:Approx. 120 Mins (24V/1A)
Pixel Mapping:48 Pixels
Operating Temperature:-10°C ~ 45°C / 14°F ~ 113°F
Control Methods:Sidus Link App, DMX/RDM via USB-C1, LumenRadio CRMX
Wireless Range:Bluetooth:≤80m / ≤262.5ft
LumenRadio:≤100m / ≤328.1ft
IP Rating:IP 20
Screen Type:OLED
Firmware Upgradeable:Sidus Link, USB-C
Cooling Method:Passive Cooling
Mounting:INFINIBAR Rail
Dimensions:Fixture:60.4 x 4.5 x 4.3cm / 23.8 x 1.8 x 1.7in
Fixture + Spacer:60.4 x 4.5 x 5.2cm / 23.8 x 1.8 x 2.1in
48W Power Supply:12.0 x 5.3 x 3.2cm / 4.7 x 2.1 x 1.3in
330W Power Supply:19.8 x 9.9 x 3.0cm / 10.6 x 3.9 x 1.2in
Clamp:12.2 x 5.5 x 4.0cm / 4.8 x 2.2 x 1.6in
Flight Case:143 X 59 X 21cm / 56.30 x 23.22 x 8.27in
Weight:Fixture:1.0kg / 2.2lbs
Fixture + Spacer:1.13kg / 2.49lbs
48W Power Supply:0.49kg / 1.08lbs
330W Power Supply:909g / 2.00lbs
Clamp:0.27kg / 0.60lbs
Flight Case (Empty):20kg / 44.1lbs
Estimated LED Lifetime (L70):50,000 Hours
Estimated Colour Shift Over Time:2% Over 6,000 Hours
Certifications:CE, FCC, KC, NCC, ROHS, RCM, ICES, UKCA, PSE
  • 1x 330W DC Power Adapter (3m)
  • 4x 48W DC Power Adapter (3m)
  • 3x AC Locking Power Cable (1.5m)
  • 4x 5.5mm DC Barrel Male to Male Power Cable (20cm)
  • 1x 5.5mm DC Barrel 4-Way Splitter Cable
  • 4x INFINIBAR Clamp to Baby Pin Adapter
  • 4x INFINIBAR Straight Connector
  • 8x 1⁄4-20” Eyebolt
  • 1x 5mm Hex Wrench
  • 4x INFINIBAR PB6 45° Light Control Grid
  • 1x Hard Case