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Aputure Light Storm 1/2w LED Light - V-Mount
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The colour-rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colours of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. The stunning breakthrough of Light Storm 1/2w with CRI 98 can completely with perfect colour of sunlight and ensure that its light is natural and lifelike.

Tough and Professional Aero-Aluminum
Light Storm 1/2w use aero-aluminum to achieve the best balance performance of heat, density, strength, workability, etc. So the function parameters can get a perfect show. Delicate design and elaborate production combine for a robust but exquisite housing that can fulfill low forward heat of the fixture.

Unique SMD Lamp Beads
The performance of an LED is one of important factors to consider in LED lights. The Light Storm LS 1/2w is made of 264 SMD lamp beads which are using surface mount technology. Compared to DIP LED, SMD technology offers longer life, lower brightness decay, and wider light angle.

Ultra-Small Size
The Light Storm LS 1/2w is one-half size of the Light Storm LS 1. Only 22mm (0.86in) thickness is so slim that can be used in a small environment like the wall corner, the car and some other small space. Compared with the traditional LED lights, such ultra-small size makes shooting more free, convenient and flexible.

Breathtaking Design
From appearance to function, from material to craft, from small accessories to large complex production processes, the Light Storm 1/2w design reflects the combination of technology and humanity. The LS 1/2w undertakes more than 100 fabrication procedures such as extrusion, cutting, trim, sandblasting, oxidation, laser engraving, etc.

User-Friendly Design
The professional connector is self-locking for a quick connection. Compared to conventional connectors, it can be operated quickly with one hand, making it more convenient and reliable.

The U-frame has two truss-mounting directions and can support full rotation of the lamp for easy lighting of different angles.

Selective Diffusing Paper
Aputure engineers tested 53 models of diffusing papers over more than 2000 hours to select the most suitable ones for our product. The diffusing paper has a smooth surface and is non-ageing, acid-free and recyclable with low opacity so effective diffusion angles are covered far more than the previous filter. The transmittance of the diffusing paper is about 85percent and a 180-degree effective diffusion angle.

Unique Light Control
Separation Design The Light Storm 1/2w's unique light control separation design paves the way for the light back panel dissipation. With such a low center of gravity design, it greatly reduces the lantern supporting system burden. For now, operations will not be limited to the light panel and are focused on the controller box. In addition, replacing the battery becomes more flexible than before.

  • The world's top CRI 98
  • SMD lamp beads bigger beam angle and long lifespan
  • Tough and professional aero-aluminium design
  • Exceptional light efficiency experience
  • Unique light-control seperation design
  • Comes with V-Mount controller box

LS 1/2w

Operation Current


Power Supply

DC 15V

Power Input


Beam Angle


Color Temperature


Average Lifespan

≥100,000 hours

Cooling Mode

Natural convection heat transfer

Remote Frequency






Remote Range






Controller Box (AB-Mount)

238.0*118.7*59.6mm (*vertical antennas included)

  • 1 x Aputure Light Storm 1/2w LED Light
  • 1 x Controller Box with V-Mount Battery Plate
  • 1 x Controller Box Buckle
  • 1 x AC/DC Adapter
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x Connection Cable with Magic Strip
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x Button Battery
  • 1 x Hook
  • 10 x Tracing Paper