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Bright Tangerine Alexa Mini Master System (Gold Mount)
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£1,797.00 ex VAT
£2,156.40 inc VAT B4001.0001 2.0000
GBP 2156.40

PGCODE: B4001.0001

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The Bright Tangerine Alexa Mini Master System is a low profile power distribution solution, designed to greatly expand your power connection options for video accessories - such as monitors, lens motors, and wireless receivers/transmitters – whilst simultaneously powering your ARRI Alexa Mini camera.

The rig is powered by using an on-board Gold-Mount battery, or by using the DC input option.

This system compliments owner/operator setups, providing them with a complete and functional package. It also caters to rental houses wanting to offer a broad power solution when renting out the ARRI Alexa Mini camera.

The Power Module mounts onto the camera body via the Left Side Cheese Plate, which in turn is mounted on to the ARRI MAP-1 or MAP-2 plates. Given that it does not require an additional rail support, this system does not add any unnecessary bulk or weight to your camera setup, and its small form factor allows the package to be used in any shooting scenario.

The Alexa Mini Master System weighs in at a mere 900 grams, making it a viable option for lightweight setups. This cage system also helps in counterbalancing, by shifting the centre of gravity away from the lens, adjusting for front heavy setups.

The Power Distribution Module powers the camera using a single cable, which connects to the BAT input port on the rear of the Alexa Mini.

Access to the Time Code port, and CFast media slot remains unobstructed, meaning that your media can be removed without unmounting the power module. Users wanting to take advantage of the camera's Ethernet functions, can do so by using the standard RJ-45 connector. A lever provides easy access to the power button.

To maintain airflow, and proper operating temperature, a quiet internal fan automatically adjusts its speed, based on its built-in temperature sensor.

An optional Run/Stop trigger cable (B4001.1010) is available for use with compatible devices.

Output Options:

  • (x1) D-Tap (Unregulated Output)
  • (x1) Twist D-Tap (Unregulated Output)
  • (x3) 12V Lemo 2-Pin (Unregulated Output, ARRI Standard Pinning)
  • (x1) 5V USB-A Output - For powering HDMI Transmitters or Mobile Devices
  • (x1) 24V Fischer 3-Pin (Regulated) - RS Compatible, with Run/Stop Funcitonality
  • (x1) Standard Ethernet RJ-45 - The ethernet port on the camera is covered by the power module and converted to a standard RJ-45 connector

Input Options:

  • (x1) Gold-Mount Battery
  • (x1) 24V Lemo 8-pin (DC Input)
  • 1x Bright Tangerine Alexa Mini Master System (Gold Mount)