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Camera Sliders

Syrp Slingshot Motion Control Tracking Kit

The Slingshot and Genie work together to capture motion-controlled real-time or time-…

£1,416.67 ex VAT

Syrp Slingshot Motion Control Kit

Use the Slingshot along with the Syrp Genie for motorizing the Slingshot and fully cu…

£800.00 ex VAT

Syrp Slingshot Carriage Assembly

The Syrp Slingshot Carriage is a spare part for the Syrp Slingshot. It's the part t…

£233.33 ex VAT

Syrp Slingshot Fixed Bar

The Syrp Slingshot Fixed Bar is a spare part for the Syrp Slingshot. It's one of th…

£183.33 ex VAT

Syrp Slingshot Linear Accessory

The Syrp Slingshot Linear Accessory is a spare part for the Syrp Slingshot. …

£58.33 ex VAT

Syrp Slingshot Tie Down Straps

The Syrp Slingshot Tie Down Straps are spare lashing straps for the Syrp Slingshot …

£58.33 ex VAT

Syrp Genie Linear Plate

The Syrp Linear Accessory is a spare mount for linear motion.

£50.00 ex VAT

Syrp Genie Panning Plate

The Syrp Panning Accessorie is a spare mount for panning motion.

£41.67 ex VAT

Syrp Slingshot Spare Parts Kit

Syrp Slingshot Spare Parts Kit.

£41.67 ex VAT

Syrp Slider Mounts & Straps

The Syrp Slider Mounts & Straps is a set of two metal mounts with Velcro straps for u…

£29.17 ex VAT

Syrp Magic Carpet Carbon Extension Bracket

Syrp Magic Carpet C.arbon Extension Bracket

£25.00 ex VAT

Syrp QR Plate 46x65 for Pan Tilt

Syrp QR Plate 46x65 for Pan Tilt.

£16.67 ex VAT