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Canon Chargers

Canon CA-940 Compact Power Adapter for EOS C300 + C300 PL Camcorders

The Canon CA-940 Compact Power Adapter supplies AC power to Canon EOS C300 & EOS …

£139.00 ex VAT

Canon CB920 Car Battery Charger

Car battery charger CB920, powers the XM2 camcorder or charges the battery via the 12…

£99.00 ex VAT

Canon LC-E4 Charger For LP-E4N Battery

The Canon LC-E4N Battery Charger will charge two separate batteries and is compatible…

£319.00 ex VAT

IDX LC-2A Battery Charger

Supplied with a series of interchangeable battery adapter interfaces, the IDX LC-2A i…

£105.00 ex VAT

Redrock Micro LP-E6 Battery Power Plate for microRemote

The LP-E6 Battery Accessory enables you to use standard Canon DSLR batteries to power…

£145.42 ex VAT

Swit S-3602C DV Battery Charger/Adaptor

S-3602C is a dual channel simultaneous charger of S-8945 and compatible with Canon BP…

£120.00 ex VAT