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Kupo Adjustable Baby Side Clamp

Designed for offsetting lighting fixture or accessories with a twin baby (16 mm) pins…

£87.00 ex VAT

Kupo Pivoting Boom Arm clamp

Kupo pivoting clamp is constructed by solid aluminum die-casting & plastic cardboard …

£70.00 ex VAT

Kupo 18" Super Viser Clamp

Kupo 18" Super Viser Clamp.

£69.00 ex VAT

Kupo Quick Action Pipe Clamp

Kupo Quick Action Pipe Clamp is built by heavy-duty gravity casting designed for rigg…

£66.00 ex VAT

Wooden Camera - Ultra Arm Ball (Super Clamp)

Ultra Arm Ball (Super Clamp) is a component of our Ultra Arm lineup which has a unive…

£65.00 ex VAT

Wooden Camera Super Clamp

WC Super Clamp is a universal clamping jaw with a 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded hole for…

£61.00 ex VAT

Matthews Big Ben Clamp

Big Ben Clamp - Easy production Clamp with hand grip.  A "cheeseboro" clamp with a 1…

£59.00 ex VAT

Matthews Junior Grid Clamp - 28mm Receiver

Junior Grid Clamp- Easy production Clamp with hand grip. For mounting larger light…

£55.00 ex VAT

Kupo 9" Super Viser Clamp

Kupo 9" Super Viser

£50.00 ex VAT

Matthews Baby Grid Clamp -16mm spigot

Baby Grid Clamp- Easy production Clamp with hand grip  Made to clamp securely on …

£50.00 ex VAT

Kupo Ruler Clamp

Kupo Ruler Clamp.

£48.00 ex VAT

Matthews Matthellini Clamp — 6” End Jaw

Buy right, buy Once! This most versatile of clamps is now an industry favorite proble…

£44.00 ex VAT