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Kenro Kenair Master Kit

Kenro Master kit is a 360ml can of compressed air with plastic nozzle. *We are no …

£15.45 ex VAT

Selvyt cloth x 5

Selvyt cloth 14"x14" has been a favoured cloth for many years. Softer than chamois le…

£14.75 ex VAT

Hoodman Lens Cleanse Natural Lens Cleaning Kit (12 Pack)

This is a 12 pack of Lens Cleanse Natural Lens Cleaning Kit from Hoodman. It's compri…

£10.61 ex VAT

Kenro Kenair Refill

Kenair refill with no nozzle. *We are no longer able to send Kenair's abroad* …

£9.95 ex VAT

Production Gear Microfibre Lens Cloth

Production Gear microfibre cloth is made from the thinnest and most dense fibres maki…

£3.95 ex VAT

SmallHD Cleaning Cloth

SmallHD Cleaning Cloth.

£1.00 ex VAT