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Dedolight Master Gobo set

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£97.20 inc VAT DED-GM-GMAS10-M 0.5000
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Dedolight master Gobo set "M" size (10 x Black Steel Gobos).  This is a great selection of breakups, windows and foliage great for both natural and colour/shape effects.  Black Steel is the most robust type of Gobo and will substantially outlast standard thin steel  gobos.

10 X assorted Gobos selected by DOP Jonathan Harrison:

“This selection of Gobos is based on my years of using Gobos on location and is intended to be versatile and creative.  I have selected “Black Steel” Gobos as they are the best available being more rugged,  warp resistant and provide clean sharp images”

Jonathan Harrison is an award winning cameraman well known for his seminars and expertise on lighting.