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DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo (Zenmuse X5S Camera)

The Inspire 2 takes everything that was good about the Inspire 1 and improves it. An …

£5,224.17 ex VAT

DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter (Without Gimbal/Camera)

DJI's magnesium-aluminum-clad Inspire 2 Quadcopter is a powerful cinematic and photog…

£2,549.17 ex VAT

DJI Cendence Remote Controller

With the Cendence remote controller, the initial idea was to combine the Inspire 2, T…

£790.83 ex VAT

DJI Inspire 2 Intelligent Flight Battery TB50

The maximum flight time with X4S is approx 27mins. The new Inspire 2 battery uses hig…

£149.17 ex VAT