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Dolly Components

Libec CR90 Curved Track

For use with the TR-320 tracking system.

£569.00 ex VAT

Libec EX-160S Track Rail Extension w/Case (Straight)

This Libec EX-160S Track Rail Extension is quick and easy to set up. This lightweigh…

£215.00 ex VAT

Libec TR320 Tracking System

All new tracking system allowing you to use the full range of Libec tripods , pedesta…

£1,579.00 ex VAT

Matthews Hot Buttons for straight and 20 dia. Curved Track (Set of 4)

Hot Buttons work beautifully with Matthews or the even more versatile Round-d-Round D…

£822.00 ex VAT

Matthews Lazy Suzy

The Matthews Lazy Suzy (mitchell based) provides the cinematographer/ videographer wi…

£3,500.00 ex VAT

Matthews The Centipede Set of 2

A fast efficient way to achieve a smooth dolly track shot. Designed for use with most…

£2,515.00 ex VAT

Matthews The Dutti Dolly (20 x 24")

The Dutti Dolly is a rectangular CNC’d aluminum plate with a built in Mitchell …

£1,112.82 ex VAT

RigWheels 1 RigAxel

The RigWheels RA01 1-RigAxel is designed to be used in conjunction with the RigPlate …

£34.00 ex VAT

RigWheels 2 RigAxel Camera Dolly Axels

The RigWheels RA02 2-RigAxels are designed to be used in conjunction with the RigPlat…

£65.00 ex VAT

RigWheels 4 MicroWheel Camera Dolly Wheels

MicroWheels are a simple and sleek and portable way to add motion to your images util…

£100.00 ex VAT

RigWheels 4 Skate Wheel (50mm, 4-Pack)

The 4-pack, 50mm SW04 Skate Wheel from RigWheels is a suitable custom formulation for…

£22.00 ex VAT

RigWheels 68mm Inline Skate Wheel (4-Pack)

The 4-pack IW04 68mm Inline Skate Wheel from RigWheels are a suitable custom formulat…

£15.00 ex VAT