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Easyrig Bags

Easyrig Bag "PLUS" For rigs with +230mm/9in and Serene Arms

This Easyrig bag is suitable for the Vario5/Gimbal Rig. The Easyrig can be equipped w…

£144.00 ex VAT
£172.80 inc VAT

Easyrig Bag "Top of the Line"

Easyrig Bag for standard Vario 5 and Gimbal Rig systems and systems with 130mm extens…

£144.00 ex VAT
£172.80 inc VAT

Easyrig bag, Std. for Easyrig 2.5 and Cinema 3 Upto +130mm/5in Arms

Easyrig bag to house both EasyRig 2.5 and Cinema 3 systems. 

£137.00 ex VAT
£164.40 inc VAT

Easyrig Big Bag (230mm Extended Arm and MC-Rig)

Easyrig Bag to house both EasyRig Systems with 230mm extended support arm or MC-Rig a…

£72.00 ex VAT
£86.40 inc VAT

Easyrig Toolbag

In the Cameraman's tool bag you have the most important tools you have for your …

£5.00 ex VAT
£6.00 inc VAT