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Formatt 4x5.650 Graduated ND 0.3 Filter

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£173.57 inc VAT 5052618045176 886235023546 FOR-BF4X5SEND3HD4 0.1000
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NDs are available in graduated filters, both in hard and soft edge. These filters are clear in the bottom half of the filter with a gradual transition to the ND effect in the top half, and are used for skylines. They are usually used with wide or prime lenses.

Graduated NDs are also available as standard in 0.3, 0.6, 0.9 and 1.2 with heavier densities available to order.

Graduated NDs are available in Soft Edge or Hard Edge varieties. Soft edge grads have a smooth transition from clear to ND. Hard edge grads have a more defined hard lined transition and should be used for longer lenses. For extremely long focal lengths a razor edge grad providing a very highly defined transition, may be ordered.

Note: when ordering graduated filters in Panavision (4x5.65”) size, as these filters are not square, care should be taken to order either horizontal filters (i.e. landscape) or vertical (i.e. portrait) dependent on which way you will be using the filters in the matte box.

  • Filter Size: 4"x5.650"
  • Graduated ND filter