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Freefly Sytems Alta 6 UAS for Aerial Cinematography

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ALTA 6 from Freefly is a hexa-rotor drone for aerial imaging that – when used in conjunction with a separately available MoVI gimbal – supports mounting the camera either below or above the airframe. This configuration flexibility makes shooting from virtually any angle possible, even with the camera pointed up. ALTA features a maximum payload of 15 lb, and is therefore suitable for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and even compact cinema cameras (depending on lens weight and other variables). Equipped with Freefly's own flight control system, ALTA works with a range of transmitters, including many Futaba, Spektrum, and radios (see specifications for specific requirements). Flight modes provided include Manual, Height Hold, Climb Rate Control (Vario), Position Hold, Ground Speed Control, Return-To-Home, and Auto-land. For monitoring and first-person view, the flight controller works with FPV systems from Skyzone, BOSCAM, Immersion RC, and Fatshark. OSD display is user-configurable, and telemetry can data can also be displayed on compatible Futaba transmitters.

The ALTA includes a hard transit case. Additional item essential to get started include flight batteries and a charger, a transmitter (radio controller), and of course a MoVI gimbal and camera.

Fast Setup and Breakdown:

The Freefly ALTA features a robust standard hard case that the aircraft folds up in and a packs away. Before each flight, simply unfold the prop arms and in insert the battery (available separately) – the props themselves unfold automatically as they spin up. No pre-flight assembly requiring tools is needed


  • Up to 15 lb Payload Capacity

Designed for today's growing crop of compact cinema cameras, the ALTA is suitable for models such as the RED Dragon, Sony F55, and ALEXA Mini. It also supports popular mirrorless and DSLR cameras widely used in video production or to take stills from the air

Synapse Intelligent Flight Control System:

The Freefly Synapse flight control system combines gyros and other sensors with proprietary control algorithms to allow users to execute complex flight patterns with ease. It features an integrated on-screen display, high-bandwidth position control, live , and has been tested for years by the industry's best pilots

Data Logging:


High speed data logging allows user analysis of critical flight data


Works with MoVI Gimbals

Top Mount Camera Option:

In addition to traditional bottom mounting, the ALTA supports mounting the gimbal on top of the aircraft. This enables capturing distinct camera angles from beneath an elevated subject

Toad in the Hole Quick Release:

MoVI gimbals can be easily attached or removed using Freefly's Toad in the Hole mounting standard

Air System Design

Vibration Isolation System:

A refined vibration isolation system rejects high frequency disturbances adding further image stability on top of what the gimbal provides

Lightweight Frame:

The frame has been engineered to provide the optimal strength-to-weight ratio, enabling its up to 15 lb payload capacity

Weather-Resistant Electronics:

The internal distribution board is weather sealed and conformal coated. It features four 12V power leads for driving LEDs or other accessories, as well as integrated connections for FPV monitoring systems

Silent Drive Technology:

Using sine wave drive motor controls with active braking, the ALTA features low noise and precise, efficient, closed loop control of the propeller

Additional Features

User-Definable LEDs:

Customize your ALTA's LED color scheme to suit your piloting preferences via the ALTA App

  • Fold Up Design with Collapsible Props
  • Toad in the Hole Mount for MoVI Gimbals
  • Gimbal Top-Mounting Supported
  • Up to 15 lb Payload Capacity
  • Synapse Intelligent Flight Controller
  • Advanced Vibration Isolation System
  • Weather-Resistant Distribution Board
  • Silent Drive Motors
  • User-Definable LEDs
  • Hard Transit Case Included

FREEFLY Alta 6 Specs

Weights Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight: 29.9 lb / 13.6 kg
Maximum Useful Load: 21 lb / 9.5 kg
Maximum Payload: 15 lb / 6.8 kg
Specific Power Typical: 145 W/kg
Thrust Ratio At Max Takeoff Weight: 2.0:1
Payload Mounting Mounting Locations: Bottom and top mount
Mounting System: Freefly Toad In The Hole Quick Release
Isolation System Vibration Isolation System: Silicone O-rings

Densities by Color
Soft / Light Payloads: Red O-rings
Medium / Mid Payloads: Teal O-rings
Stiff / Heavy Payloads: Black O-rings
Lighting and Indication Orientation Lights: RGB LED's
Orientation Light Locations: Outboard on boom ends
Orientation Light Color: User definable
Status Light: Rear-facing red/white LED
Accessory Lighting Port: 12 VDC
Accessory Lighting Port Location: Outboard on boom ends
Model F45
Type 6 x Direct drive 3-phase PMAC outrunner
Max Continuous Power Output 350 W
Max Instantaneous Peak Power 950 W
ESC Freefly Silent-Drive Sine Wave ESC
Flight Controller
Model Freefly Synapse Flight Controller
Connectivity Inputs: Spektrum, S.Bus, PPM, FPV SD video

Outputs: PWM, I2C, CAN, FPV SD video with OSD
Flight Modes Manual 
Height Hold 
Climb Rate Control (Vario) 
Position Hold 
Ground Speed Control 
Installed Transceivers Wi-Fi
Data Logging Rate 25 Hz
Supported Radios Futaba S.Bus & S.Bus 2
DSMX, DSM2 (Spektrum/JR) 
PPM, PPM Invert, PPM Graupner
Supported Telemetry Systems Futaba with built-in voltage sensor port
First-Person View OSD Telemetry User configurable
FPV and Monitoring
Supported First-Person View Systems Skyzone
Immersion RC 
Type 6 x 18x6 folding
Configuration 3 x CW
3 x CCW
Material Carbon fiber with balsa core
Flight Battery
Voltage 6S / 22.2 VDC
Maximum Battery Size 9.4 x 7.1 x 3.1" / 240 x 180 x 80 mm
Maximum Battery Quantity 2 x in parallel
Connector 2 x EC5 (parallel)
Dimensions Unfolded
Length: 39.4" / 1000 mm
Width: 45.1" / 1145 mm
Height (base of TITH): 8.7" / 220 mm

20.9" / 532 mm
20.3" / 515 mm
8.7" / 220 mm
Weight Typical Standard Empty Weight: 9 lb / 4.1 kg
  • Freefly Sytems Alta 6 UAS for Aerial Cinematography
  • Pelican Case
  • Battery Cage
  • Landing Gear for Top Mounting
  • Digital Luggage Scale