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Godox BeamLight Max90 Cinema-Grade Parallel-Beam Light Reflector (Godox G-Mount Fitting)
SKU: GOD-GD-BeamLight-Max90

£5,932.50 ex VAT
£7,119.00 inc VAT

The GODOX KNOWLED BeamLight Max90 is a Cinema-Grade Parallel-Beam Lighting Reflector, designed for use with Godox G-Mount fitting lighting Fixtures such as the KNOWELD MG1200Bi, and the MG2400Bi Cine Lights. With its cutting-edge optical design,  the BeamLight Max90 produces a 5° near-parallel beam of light, minimising light fall-off and enabling you to throw light over greater distances. It also significantly increases the effective light output from your light source, giving you more flexibility.  This makes it perfect for replicating natural sunlight over long distances. The GODOX BeamLight  Max90 is perfect for Cinematographers, Gaffers and DPs looking to get the most out of their Godox G-Mount LED Cine lights.
Near-Parallel Beam of Light
Utilising the latest cutting-edge optical technology, paired with precision engineering, the Godox KNOWLED BeamLight Max90 produces an incredibly narrow 5° beam angle. This enables the BeamLight Max90 to produce a powerful, near-parallel light beam with minimal light fall-off. When used in conjunction with the LiteFlow Cine lighting Reflectors, the BeamLight Max90 can be used to create stunning natural-looking results.
Throw Light Over Long Distances
Due to its unique optical design, the BeamLight Max90 significantly increases the throw distance of light for KNOWLED G-Mount lights, such as the KNOWLED MG2400Bi and MG1200Bi. When combined with the MG2400Bi, the BeamLight Max90 can output a brightness comparable to traditional 12K HMI, whilst only using a fraction of the power. Significantly more brightness, with considerably less power.
Godox G-Mount Compatibility
Equipped with the innovative Godox G-Mount, the BeamLight Max90 is compatible with current models of G-Mount light fixtures such as the MG1200Bi and MG2400Bi. It will also be compatible with future G-Mount Fitting LED light fixtures. This ensures that the BeamLight Max90 will last you for years to come.
Revolution with LED Integration
Compared to traditional fixtures, the BeamLight Max90 adds to the advantages and versatility of LED lighting fixtures.  offering convenient brightness adjustment, swift CCT switching, and prolonged lifespan. This synergy continually explores new possibilities for on-set lighting design.
Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility
With its specially engineered flexible yoke design and included flight case, the BeamLight Max90 can be transported from one location to another with ease. Its specially designed-yoke gives you access to extensive flexibility when it comes to adjusting the angle of the beam, which opens up a whole new world of lighting possibilities.
The GODOX KNOWLED BeamLight Max90 is an essential accessory for Cinematographers, Gaffers, and DPs who are looking for a cost-effective solution for greatly enhancing the brightness, and light-throwing ability of their Godox G-Mount Cine Lights. Whether you would like to illuminate a large area or illuminate your movie set from a great distance, the BeamLight Max90 will enable you to achieve this with ease.

  • Produces a 5° near-parallel beam of light, with a slow rate of light fall-off
  • Increases significantly the effective brightness of your light fixture
  • Pefect for Illuminating your set over long distances
  • Uses the Godox G-Mount Fitting
  • comes in its own flightcase for hassle-free storage and Transportation
Bayonet Mount:G-Mount
Stand Mount:1-1/8" (28mm) Junior-Pin
Dimensions:151.9 x 104.9 x 63.3cm
  • 1x BeamLight Max90 Reflector
  • 1x Flight Case