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Godox KNOWLED P1200R HARD RGB Hard Cine LED Panel

£3,615.83 ex VAT
£4,339.00 inc VAT

The Godox KNOWLED P1200R Hard is a high-powered, bi-colour square LED light panel that has been specially designed to fit the needs of the film and television industry. This approx. 1500W LED panel packs a lot of power into a small 30x30cm package. It has a CRI and TLCI of ≥96 for impeccable colour rendition. It also has a selectable beam angle of between 45° and 55°. The P1200R Hard supports industry-standard DMX512 and CRMX control protocols, as well as Godox’s own RC-R9 2.4GHz wireless remote, ideal for large productions. The P1200R Hard is perfect for large-scale film and TV productions. and is also suitable for broadcasting and Commercial Video production, as well as for movie sets.
1500 Watts of Bi-Colour Lighting
The P1200R Hard has a maximum light output of approx. 1500W in a bi-colour LED light fixture with variable colour temperatures. This enables you to control the colour temperature of the light anywhere between 1,800K and 10,000K, enabling you to either match the colour of the ambient lighting or to set the mood or atmosphere of your scene. It is the perfect tool for both the broadcast and film industries. The high-intensity output of this fixture permits a minimum number of units for the required lighting level.
Impeccable Colour Accuracy
The P1200R Hard LED Panel has a CRI (Colour Rendition Index) of ≥96 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥96. This means that the P1200R Hard will render colours accurately, making it ideal for broadcast usage. Perfect for illuminating, TV studios, and movie sets.
Immense Brightness
The P1200R Hard Square LED Light Panel was built with power in mind. With a lux rating of approximately 80,700 @1m, 8,810lux at 3m, 36,80 at 5m, and 1,290 at 9m bare light. This makes it ideal for large television, movie, and theatrical productions.
Selectable Beam Angles
The P1200R Hard features selectable beam angles,  enabling you to select between a beam angle of 40° and 55°. This allows you to control the spread of light to best suit your needs.
Unprecedented Precision
The KNOWLED P1200R Hard Square LED Light Panel features ultra-precise dimming controls, enabling you to adjust the brightness of the light in increments of 0.1%. For quick Power adjustments, you can also adjust the brightness in increments of 10%, allowing you to the exact brightness designed quickly and with the utmost precision.
Scientific Dimming Curves
The KNOWLED P1200R Hard LED Light Panel gives you the option of four dimming curves, enabling you to adjust your lighting just the way you like. You can select between a linear, an S-curve, an exponential curve, or a logarithmic curve, rendering the best lighting effects in the shortest amount of time.
The P1200R Hard LED Fresnel Studio Light provides industry-leading reliability with flicker-free performance at any frame rate or shutter angle and at any intensity level, making it ideal for filming slow-motion shots.
11 Built-In Lighting Effects
The P1200R Hard Square LED Light Panel features 11 lighting effect presets, enabling you to emulate certain lighting scenarios and bring your movie sets to life with the greatest ease. Some of these lighting effects include a broken bulb, camera flash, lightning, and TV screen effects. Perfect for adding cinematic effects to your films.
Industry Standard Control Protocols
The P1200R Hard Square LED Light Panel supports a wide range of international industry-standard control methods, making it easy to integrate into your current work pipeline. It supports the DMX512 control protocol, which enables you to control a single unit or multiple units from a DMX control console. It also supports the RDM protocol and LumenRadio CRMX control systems. This makes the P1200R Hard perfect for large film and television productions that are filming in large studio spaces. CRMX compatibility also means these lights will be compatible with the LumiAir App, Blackout Lighting Software, and the MadMapper App.
Other Control Options
As well as the industry standard control protocols, the P1200R Hard Square LED Light Panel also features a built-in 2.4GHz wireless control receiver, enabling it to be used with the GOODOX RC-R9 Remote (sold separately). It also features Bluetooth support, enabling it to be used with the Godox Light App.
Aerospace-Grade Cooling System
The P1200R Hard LED Panel uses an Aeroespace-Grade heat-dissipation system, featuring an independent fin-type radiator, for highly efficient cooling. It also features a built-in fan to help ensure your P1200R Hard Panels do not overheat during the middle of your production.
1-1/8 Inch Junior Connection
The P1200R Hard Square LED Light Panel uses the 1-1/8-inch junior-pin stand mount, meaning that a heavy-duty light stand with a junior-pin receiver is required for use with this light.  
The PIXAPRO P1200R Hard LED Fresnel Studio Light is the perfect addition to the arsenal of lighting directors, cinematographers, and directors of photography everywhere who work on large film and TV productions. The P1200R Hard reproduces colours beautifully and faithfully, on HD or film, in the studio, or on location. This range of illumination and colour gives users an unprecedented amount of control. 

  • RGBWW Capable Enabling you to select virtually any colour imaginable
  • 1,800K-10,000K Colour Temperature Range.
  • Compact 1'x2' Size
  • Features Precision-Designed Optical Lens Technology.
  • CRI and TLCI of ≥96.
  • Stepeless Power adjustents between 0%-100% in 0.1% increments.
  • 14 Built-in Lighting FX Presets.
  • Supports Industry-Standard Control Protocols, such as DMX and CRMX.
  • Can be used with the Godox RC-R9II Remote, and the Godox Light Smartphone App.
  • Plethora of Light Shapers and modifiers available.
Power Supply:
Max Power:
GM Adjustment:
Brightness Range:
Dimming Curves:
linear, S-curve, exponential, logarithmic
Controlling Methods:
DMX 512 Control (support RDM protocol)/LumenRadio CRMX/Ethernet (support Art-Net & sACN protocol)/Bluetooth Control/Light Body Control
Bluetooth Controlling Distance:
Max. 30m
USB Type-A Port:
Firmware Upgrade/5V 1.2A Power Supply
Working Environment Temperature:
32.83" × 23.86" × 6.69"
  • 1x P1200R Hard LED Panel
  • 1x Yoke
  • 1x Power Cable