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Godox TP-S4A Air Soft Tube

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The Godox TP-S4A Air Soft Tube has been specifically designed for use with up to two Godox KNOWLED TP4R Pixel light tubes. It completely encloses the light tube, producing a softer quality of light compared to the two TP4R pixel tubes alone. It features a standard 5/8” Baby-Pin stand mount, enabling it to be mounted to any light stand. It also features an articulating head, allowing it to be tilted in any direction you require.
Beautifully Soft Illumination
The Godox TP-S4A Air Soft Tube effectively increases the size of your light source, producing a softer more diffused quality of light compared to the TP4R Pixel tube alone. Perfect for situations where you require softer more graduated lighting.
Ultimate Light Control
The Godox TP-S4A ships with light-shaping accessories, for added versatility. It comes with an Eggcreate Grid, as well as a Skirt, giving you the option to achieve diffused and homogenous lighting with added directionality. Ideal for times when you need to illuminate a particular portion of your set.
Articulated 2-Light Bracket Mount
The Godox TP-S4A Air Soft Tube features a standard 5/8” baby-pin stand mount, enabling it to be mounted to virtually any light stand.

Detachable Handle Straps
The TP-S4A air-Soft Tube features detachable handles enabling it to be handheld by a lighting assistant for shooting scenarios where using a traditional stand isn’t feasible or practical.
The Godox TP-S4A Air Soft Tube is perfect for Photographers, cinematographers, or independent filmmakers, who would like a softer quality of light from their TP4R Pixel Light tube. Perfect for filming movies, music videos, commercials, and ad campaigns. It can also be used for theatrical productions.

  • Soften and Diffuses the light from tp to 2x Godox KNOWLED TP2R Pixel Tubes
  • Comes with Eggcrate Grid and Skirt for added Light Control
  • Articulated Stand Mount Bracket enabling you to position your lights virtually anywhere you please
  • Comes with a detachable hand strap, enabling you to handhold the Airtube
Dimensions:L: 1200mm, ⌀: 300mm
  • 1x TP-S4A Air Soft Tube
  • 1x Grid
  • 1x Skirt
  • 1x Air Pump
  • 1x Handheld Handles
  • 1x Two-Light Bracket