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Grip and Support

Kupo KTHS-0510 Long Telescopic Hanger

Kupo KTHS-0510 Long Telescopic Hanger: CLOSED LENGTH: 152.4cm (5 feet) MAXIM…

£168.00 ex VAT

Kupo Stirrup 4-8 Feet

£160.00 ex VAT

Kupo KTHS-0306 Short Telescopic Hanger

Kupo KTHS-0306 Short Telescopic Hanger CLOSED LENGTH: 91.4cm (3 feet) MAXIMUM…

£152.00 ex VAT

Kupo Kupole Medium (150cm to 270cm) - Polished

Kupo Kupole: Weight: 2.85KG (6.3lbs) Extends from 150cm(59”) to 270cm(106.…

£82.00 ex VAT

Kupo Kupole Short (100cm to 170cm) - Black

Kupo Kupole: Weight: 2.85KG (6.3lbs) Extends from 100cm(39.40”) to 170cm(1…

£69.00 ex VAT

Kupo Blance Adjustment Bracket

Designed to be fitted between pantograph and unbalaced lighting fixtures with a baby …

£36.00 ex VAT

Kupo Recessed Light Socket Adapter to 5/8" Baby Pin

Made of electrically non-conductive Nylon with 1-1/8'' ( 28mm) outer diameter which …

£33.00 ex VAT

Kupo KS-190 Sliding Arm

Kupo KS-190 Sliding Arm:  Sliding Arm with baby pin Fit for tube size Dia. …

£30.00 ex VAT

Kupo 28mm Receiver Spigot

Kupo 28mm receiver Spigot: Aluminum quick accepts captive 28 mm DIN or Euro Spi…

£27.00 ex VAT

Kupo Baby Ballhead Adapter with 3/8" Tap

Baby Ball Head Adapter features a 16mm socket (inside) and 28mm (outside) barrel allo…

£20.00 ex VAT

Kupo 28mm Pin w/M12 Thread

28mm steel spigot with M12 thread and wing nut, attaches it to lighting yoke then fit…

£17.00 ex VAT