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Wooden Camera Quick Kit (Ikonoskop)

Quick Kit (Ikonoskop) includes a quick release baseplate for the Ikonoskop A-Cam dII …

£721.00 ex VAT

Wooden Camera A-Box (Ikonoskop)

A-Box (Ikonoskop) adapts one 5 pin LEMO connector to two balanced, 3 pin XLRs (female…

£120.00 ex VAT

Wooden Camera GO Shoulder

GO Shoulder provides low profile shoulder pad for quick run and gun shooting. Pad att…

£71.00 ex VAT

Wooden Camera Riser (Ikonoskop)

Baseplate for the Ikonoskop A-Cam dII. Adapts offset threaded holes on camera to stan…

£46.00 ex VAT

Wooden Camera Top Plate Kit (Ikonoskop)

Top Plate Kit (Ikonoskop) includes Easy Plate and special thread adapter. Adapter is …

£39.00 ex VAT