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JVC Chargers

IDX JVC Charging Kit

The SSL-JVC75 Lithium-Ion Battery  IDX has partnered with JVC to manufacture a …

£325.00 ex VAT

Swit S-3602J DV Battery Charger/Adaptor

S-3602J is a dual channel simultaneous charger of S-8428 and compatible with JVC BNV …

£98.82 ex VAT

IDX 7.4V 2ch Simultaneous Charger for JVC

The LC-2J two channel simultaneous charger is designed to charge SSL-JVC 7.4V batteri…

£97.50 ex VAT

Swit S-3602V DV Battery Charger/Adapter

S-3602V is a dual channel simultaneous charger of S-8823 and compatible with JVC BN-V…

£89.00 ex VAT

IDX X-Tap Single Channel Charger

  This charger is equipped with an X-Tap plug and allows charging of batteries wi…

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