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NanGuang LED Pad Light Luxpad43H

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The NanGuang Luxpad 43H LED Photo & Video Lighting Kit is a fully comprehensive and balanced lighting set up with accessories ready for use for video and digital photography. All heads utilise high efficiency LED continuous lighting with an average life of 50,000 hours.

The kit is supplied with 2 x Luxpad 43H heads which give soft diffused lighting and 2 x CN-20FC heads which give adjustable flood lighting right through to more concentrated spot via built in Fresnel focusing which controls the beam 15-55 degrees.

All four heads have stepless dimming which enables the user to fine tune for the best lighting effect. There is also adjustable colour temperature control on each head 5600-3200K. All lighting heads are equipped and ready to use either by battery or mains power, and all batteries, charging leads and mains cables are included.

This lighting kit is supplied with four L170 stands and two hand grips for the Luxpad 43Hs. The complete kit including stands and accessories is supplied in a single custom fitted case.

Number of LEDs 256 (Luxpad 43H); 2 (CN-20FC)
Average LED Life (both models) 50,000 hours
Power source Luxpad 43 240V A/C Adapter (included with Kit ) or 2 x Sony Rechargeable NP-F750
Batteries Batteries and charger included with Kit
Power source CN-20FC 240V /AC Adapter (included with kit) or 1 x Sony Rechargeable NP-F750
Battery Power Indicator Built in
Power 25.6 Watts (Luxpad 43H); 20 Watts (CN-20FC)
Illumination 1412 LM (Luxpad 43H); 542 LM (CN-20FC)
Lux (Luxpad43H) 5600K – 930 (1m), 232 (2m), 104 (3m), 60 (4m), 40 (5m); 3200K – 867 (1m), 216 (2m), 97 (3m), 57 (4m), 38 (5m)
Colour Temperature (both models) 5600-3200K with stepless controls
L170 Stands Aluminium and steel construction, 3 sections, max height 170cm, min height 73cm, max load 5kg
Kit dimensions 44 x 71 x 24cm
Kit Weight 12kg
  • 2x Luxpad 43H Heads
  • 2x CN20FC Heads
  • 4x L170 Light Stands
  • 2x Hand Grips Luxpad 43H
  • 4x NP-F750 Batteries for Luxpad 43H
  • 2x NP-F750 Batteries for CN-20FC
  • 2x Battery Chargers for Luxpad 4H3
  • 1x Battery Charger for CN-20FC
  • 2x 240 V AC adapters Luxpad 43H
  • 2x 240V AC adapters CN-20FC
  • 1x Fitted Carry Case