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Nanlite FL-35E Fresnel Lens for the Evoke 2400B

£991.66 ex VAT
£1,189.99 inc VAT

The Motorized Fresnel Lens FL-35E is a cutting-edge NL mount optic with remote control and a zoom range from 15° to 46°. It seamlessly integrates with the Evoke 2400B, delivering a remarkable illumination of 75,700 lux @ 3m, 5600K, 15°.

In addition to superior optical performance and precise beam angle control, the FL-35E features a precise motorized adjustment function power via the electronic contacts in Nanlux's NL mount of the Evoke 2400B. The zoom range is controllable through multiple methods, providing a more intelligent and efficient workflow for productions.

Intelligent Controls
The FL-35E can be controlled either by the button on the lens itself, or by the lamp head, NANLINK APP, wired controller of DMX console. These flexible control method options give gaffers and lighting technicians the flexibility to choose the most convenient control method based on requirements.

IP55 - Weatherproof Performance
Building upon the outstanding protection attributes of the Evoke 2400B, the FL-35E boasts an IP55 rating, ensuring strong dust and water resistance. This feature makes the Evoke 2400B and FL-35E combination suitable for use in harsh environments, providing consistent and stable lighting for exterior shoots lasting all day or in environmentally challenging production scenes.

The introduction of the FL-35E Motorized Fresnel Lens will provide more flexibility and convenience for professional productions. Whether in film, television of commercial shooting, the FL-35E provides accurate, high-quality light control to help production teams achieve superior results.

Model Number:FL-35E
Description:Motorized Fresnel Lens 15°-46°
Beam Angle:15° - 46°
IP Rating:IP55
Dimensions:FL-35E:430.38 x 490.15 x 330.3mm / 16.94 x 19.30 x 13.00"
Barndoor:525.61 x 399.21 x 39.15mm / 20.69 x 15.72 x 1.54"
Trolley Case:600 x 400 x 520mm / 23.62 x 15.75 x 20.47"
Weight:FL-35E:10kg / 22.05lb
Barndoor:2.3kg / 5.07lb
Trolley Case:6kg / 13.23lb
Illumination of Evoke 2400B + FL-35E:
5600KLight Onlyw/FL-35E 15°w/FL-35E 30°w/FL-35E 46°
3M:9584lux / 890fc75700lux / 7033fc32800lux / 3047fc17750lux / 1649fc
5M:3801lux / 353fc25510lux / 2370fc12380lux / 1150fc6745lux / 627fc
7M:2028lux / 188fc13070lux / 1214fc6586lux / 612fc3635lux / 338fc
10M:1039lux / 97fc6425lux / 597fc3420lux / 318fc1872lux / 174fc
  • 1x FL-35E Motorized Fresnel Lens
  • 1x Barndoor
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Trolley Case