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NP-1 Style Batteries

NP1 Sized batteries for video cameras and VTRS.  Available in different battery technologies.

IDX PC-14 68Wh Li-ion Power Cartridges for Endura Elite 68Wh Li-ion Power Cartridges

IDX's PC-14 are designed exclusively for use with the 136Wh ENDURA ELITE. The PC-14 a…

£382.00 ex VAT
£458.40 inc VAT

Swit 2 x S-8056N Batteries + 1 x SC-302 Charger NP-1 Package

S-8056N is a lightweight 73Wh NP-1 camera battery. It raised capacity by using advanc…

£312.94 ex VAT
£375.53 inc VAT

IDX NP-L7S 68Wh NP-Type Li-ion Battery

68Wh NP-Type Li-ion Battery The NP-L7S is the economical alternative to the NP-L7.…

£157.00 ex VAT
£188.40 inc VAT

Swit S-8073N 73Wh NP-1 Type Battery Pack

Li-ion, 14.4V, 73Wh capacity:  The S-8076N is the NP-1 type rechargeable Li-ion b…

£150.00 ex VAT
£180.00 inc VAT

CoreSWX 60wh 14.8v 4.2Ah Lithium Ion NP Battery with 4 LED Power Gauge

A lightweight, ultra high capacity NP battery which can be used with existing cameras…

£141.00 ex VAT
£169.20 inc VAT

CoreSWX 50wh 13.2v 3.8Ah NiMH NP Battery Pack with 4 LED Power Gauge

The NP-50 NiMH offers up to twice the runtime as NiCD NP battery packs. Compatible…

£117.00 ex VAT
£140.40 inc VAT