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Tokina Cinema Vista EF Mount and Shim Kit

The Tokina Cinema Vista Mount Kit allows a user to swap the lens mount of their Tokin…

£1,666.00 ex VAT
£1,999.20 inc VAT

Celere HS Lenses Standard Shims

Celere HS Lenses Standard Shims: The Celere HS lenses are using the same standard…

£70.00 ex VAT
£84.00 inc VAT

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro Shim Kit

Set of 9 shims and baffle tool for making precise changes to the the flange focal …

£60.00 ex VAT
£72.00 inc VAT

Blackmagic PL Mount Shim Kit

Set of 8 shims for changing the flange focal distance for PL lenses with the URSA PL …

£43.00 ex VAT
£51.60 inc VAT