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SmallRig RGBWW Video Light
SKU: SR-3290

£63.33 ex VAT
£76.00 inc VAT

Remote Lighting Control - Magnetic Personality

Smart Control of Your Personalised Light Settings

SmallGoGo is a smart lighting control App launched by SmallRig based on advanced wireless remote control technology and rich intelligent lighting adjustment functions, it provides users with an unprecedented light control experience.

Remotely Control Multiple Lights in Various Locations

With the SmalGoGo App, up to 50 lights can be grouped, categorised, and batch controlled in real-life

Photograph Any Colour for Accurate Reproduction

Immediately capture the colourful moment

36000 Colours Exceed Your Expectations

Adjustable RGB full-colour modes meet your fill light needs for any situation.

CCT Colour Temperature Modes

2500K - 5500K - 8500K

Easily Adjust Cool and Warm Colours (2500K-8500K) for creative control

HSI Colour Modes

HUE: 360 Adjutsable

SAT: 0-100 Saturation Adjustable

INT: 0-100 Brightness Adjustable

Light Effect Modes

RGB, Paparazzi, Party, Lightning, Broken Bulb, TV, Flame, Random Mode, Fireworks, Police Car, Fire Truck, Ambulance, Electric Welding, SOS, Pulsing.

Install Anywhere, Make Your Inspiration Bloom Freely

With magnets on 3 sides and back, you can quickly mount onto metal surfaces and connect clusters of lights for increased output. And the 1/4"-20 threaded hole on the bottom gives you the flexibility to place lights anywhere and control a variety of scenes without limitation.

1/4-20 threaded hole

3 Magnetic sides and back

Restore Original Colours - Never Miss Details

According to the CRI and TLCI colour evaluation standards, the SmallRig RM75 has a Colour Rendering Index equal and greater than or equal to 96. That means their high quality lights can accurately display the true colour of the object.


Large battery capacity: 4000mAh

Long battery life: 3 ~ 16 Hours

Supports PD Fast Charging

Designed with 18W PD fast charging capability for a full charge in 2 hours! Power remaining is display in real-time.

Meet the Needs of Any Scenario

Includes Silicone Light Diffuser

SmallRig RM75 Magnetic Smart LED Light 3290 is SmallRig's first App-enabled, full-spectrum LED light characterized by remote control and four-sided magnetism. It has 7 function modules, namely CCT, HSI, RGBW, FX, color atlas, colour picker, and light effect pickup, to make for more interesting videoing. The eye-catching LED light features a full metal frame and carbon fiber texture, as well as a unique four-sided magnet design that allows adhering to most metal surfaces and supports a multi-light setup, exploring infinite creativities. 4000mAh large capacity battery together with PD fast charging enable precise control of 15 light effects, 2500K-8500k color temperature, and 36000 colours, making it a hassle-free way of long-time shooting.

  • Intelligent control, fingertip creativity
  • Multi-lights joint control, one-handed control
  • Install anywhere, inspiration blooms
  • All kinds of colours, double the good show
  • Battery life and fast charge
  • Smart and easy control, creativities at your fingertips
    a. As SmallRig’s new generation of smart lighting control, SmallGoGo is based on advanced long-range wireless control technology and a wealth of lighting adjustment functions to provide users with an unprecedented light control experience
    b. With SmallGoGo, you can group, batch control and customise up to 50 individual lightsc. Lighting at your will for recreation of highlights
  • Install it anywhere for more inspirations Magnetic suction on all sides realises fast lighting and 1/4"-20 threaded holes at the bottom support accessories for a wide range of scenes
  • More colours mean more fun
    a. 36000 Colours and full RGB colour control allow lighting in different scenes
    b. Color temperature range of 2500K-8500K makes warm and cold lighting at will
    c. HUE/SAT adjustable for 15 lighting effects
    d. CRI≥96
  • Operating Battery life and fast charging
    4000mAh large capacity battery with power indicator light has a maximum operating battery life of 16h and supports 18W PD fast charging in 2 hours
Size99 x 67 x 18.3mm (3.9 x 2.6 x 0.7 in.)
Net Weight185g (6.5 oz.)
Packing Weight412g (14.5 oz.)
MaterialAluminium Alloy, Plastic
Colour Temperature2500K-8500K
DUVplus/minus 0.002
Battery Life3 hours at 100% brightness. 16 hours at 1% brightness
InputDC 5V 2A, 9V 2A
Illuminance1300Lux @ 0.3m (11.8"), 500 @ 0.5m (19.6"); 120Lux @ 1m (39.4")
Battery TypePolymer lithium battery (3.7v 4,000mAh)
Battery capacity4000MAH
Brightness0%~100% can be adjusted independently. The color temperature can be adjusted from 2500 to 8500K. Colour rendering index: ≧96. FX light effect mode / ≧15 kinds
  • 1x  SmallRig RM75 video light
  • 1x  Silicone diffuser
  • 1x  USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1x  Manual