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Sony Chargers

IDX SP-2A Kit 2x B-7478S, 1x LC-2A

B-7478S: The IDX B-7478S is a high capacity 7800mAh Lithium Ion battery,  design…

£190.00 ex VAT
£228.00 inc VAT

Dynacore DV-FU Battery Charger

The Dynacore DV-FU Battery Charger is a 4-channel charger designed for professional D…

£155.00 ex VAT
£186.00 inc VAT

Atomos Power Kit for Shogun/Ninja Inferno & Flame

This power kit from Atomos is designed to add batteries and fast charging to your Ato…

£135.00 ex VAT
£162.00 inc VAT

Hawk-Woods MDV 2-Ch Master charger

The DV-MC2 is a 2-Channel simultaneous fast charger that will charge two batteries in…

£120.00 ex VAT
£144.00 inc VAT

SmallHD NPF (L Series) Battery and Single Charger Kit

NPF L Series Battery and Charger Kit Weight (Packaged): 21.6oz / 612.35g

£98.00 ex VAT
£117.60 inc VAT

IDX LC-2A Battery Charger

Supplied with a series of interchangeable battery adapter interfaces, the IDX LC-2A i…

£96.00 ex VAT
£115.20 inc VAT

Swit Sony NPF Dual Charger

S-3602F is a dual channel simultaneous charger of S-8972, S-8970, S-8770 and compatib…

£89.00 ex VAT
£106.80 inc VAT

Swit 3602U Battery Charger For BPU Type Batteries

S-3602U is a dual channels intelligent simultaneous charger of S-8U62 and compatible …

£89.00 ex VAT
£106.80 inc VAT

Atomos 2A Fast Battery Charger

Charge any L-Series battery relatively fast with this 2A Fast Battery Charger from At…

£73.67 ex VAT
£88.40 inc VAT

IDX X-Tap Single Channel Charger

  This charger is equipped with an X-Tap plug and allows charging of batteries wi…

£61.00 ex VAT
£73.20 inc VAT

Anton Bauer L-Series Charger

The Anton/Bauer L-Series Single Position charger is designed for L-Series batteries. …

£36.00 ex VAT
£43.20 inc VAT