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Kupo 28mm Stud w/ M10 Bolt

KS-034 - 28mm Pin w/ M10 Bolt

£12.00 ex VAT

Kupo 3/8" Head Mounting Plate with 5/8" Hex Stud

Rould flat plate made to mount head or any other accessory tapped with a 3/8''-16 th…

£12.00 ex VAT

Kupo Adapter Stud to 3/8''-16 Thread

Solid brass round 5/8" adapter stud with 3/8''-16M

£8.00 ex VAT

Kupo Joining Stud/Swivel

Kupo Joining Stud/Swivel

£6.00 ex VAT

Kupo Universal 16mm Stud

KS-017 - Universal 16mm Stud with 3/8" and 1/4" thread

£5.00 ex VAT

Kupo 16mm Stud with M10 thread

KS-018 - 16mm Stud with M10 thread

£5.00 ex VAT

Manfrotto Superclamp Joining Stud

Manfrotto superclamp joining stud for clamps at right angles.

£4.50 ex VAT

Kupo 90/45 Joining Stud

Designed for Convi clamp can be joined back to back at right or repeatable angles. …

£4.00 ex VAT

Kupo KS-014 Hex Stud 5/8th

KS-014 Hex Stud 3/8" - 16M & 1/4" - 20M  Solid brass hex cam…

£3.00 ex VAT