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Swit PB-H290S Bi-Voltage Battery 14.4V/28.8V 290Wh

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The SWIT Intelligent Bi-voltage Battery, can output both 11-16.8V normal voltage and22-33.6V high voltage, with auto recognization and switching by the dedicated V-mount plate. It is compatible with Alexa LF/65 and all other normal cameras and devices and enables you to use the product with no risk of damage or misuse.

The Bi-voltage battery PB-H290S outputs normal 11-16.8V voltage as default. You can attach to any normal V-mount cameras or other devices, and any normal voltage chargers. To power ALEXA LF/65, or high voltage cine lights, you need to activate the 22-33.6V high voltage output, to avoid misuse of the high voltage battery to normal voltage cameras (this will damage the normal cameras), SWIT does not provide a physical “voltage switcher” on the PB-H290S battery;

Instead, SWIT uses an intelligent Auto Switching solution, to active the high voltage of PB-H290S battery by battery plate recognition using the SWIT dedicated V-mount plate KA-A20S.




    • Arri Alexa LF
    • Arri Alexa 65
    • Arri SXT
    • Amira
    • Alexa 65/LF/SXT High Volatage
    • All normal voltage cameras
    • High Voltage Cine Lights
    • All normal voltage chargers

  • Strong structured battery, 1.5 meters drop-off proof
  • Bi-voltage: 14.4V (11-16.8V) & 28.8V (22-33.6V)
  • 14.4V/28.8V auto recognition and switching
  • 14.4V D-tap output for on-camera devices
  • 290Wh high capacity, Max 200W high load
  • Compatible with all normal voltage chargers
  • Max 6A fast charging (by SWIT S-3812S charger)
  • 8-LED remaining run time indicators