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TA-3 Cables

Sound Devices XL-2X (XL2X) TA3-F to Unisex XLR Cable (25-inches)

TA3-F to Unisex XLR (Neutrik NC3FM-C-B) cable, connects balanced TA3 to Unisex XLR (m…

£145.00 ex VAT
£174.00 inc VAT

Sound Devices XL2 TA3-F to XLR Cable (Pair)

Specifically designed for the 442 field mixer, the Sound Devices XL-2 features TA3 an…

£95.00 ex VAT
£114.00 inc VAT

Sound Devices TA-3 Female to XLR Female Cable for Connecting Sound Devices Mixers to the 744T Field Recorder

TA-3 female to XLR female input cable for connecting Sound Devices field mixers to th…

£95.00 ex VAT
£114.00 inc VAT

Sound Devices XL-1B - TA3-Female to TA3-Female Cable (12")

The Sound Devices XL-1B is a 12" (304.8mm) long cable with TA3-Female to TA3-Female c…

£42.00 ex VAT
£50.40 inc VAT