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Tungsten Light Panels

Calumet Lighting Stand Kit - 3x MF6060 Stands and LBAG110 Stand Bag

This lighting stand kit will give you 3 high quality lighting stands and a purpose bu…

£165.00 ex VAT

Litepanels Astra 1x1 Tungsten LED Panel

Litepanels continues to expand and enhance their formidable LED line with the introdu…

£716.00 ex VAT

Litepanels Hilio T12 Tungsten Balanced LED Light

The Hilio T12 Tungsten Balanced LED Light from Litepanels builds on the foundation of…

£1,649.00 ex VAT

Tecpro Felloni2 - Standard Output- Tungsten

The Tecpro range is a favourite amongst rental companies - it is known for its superi…

£550.00 ex VAT