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Wooden Camera Panasonic EVA-1 Accessory Kit (Pro)
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£1,517.00 ex VAT
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The Panasonic EVA-1 Accessory Kit (Pro) is a professional camera support package designed for the Panasonic EVA-1 camera and utilizes our new Unified Baseplate System. The EVA-1 accessory package includes: Top Plate (Panasonic EVA-1), a top mounting camera cheeseplate for accessory attachment which also includes an LCD bracket attachment piece, Unified Baseplate (Panasonic EVA-1), a quick release, camera baseplate for holding the two 15mm Rod (15") at the correct lens height, the Battery Slide (Panasonic EVA-1), an adjustable battery mounting plate for use with Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plates (not included), the UVF Mount (Panasonic EVA-1) for attaching the original LCD screen, and the NATO Handle Kit (Plus, 70mm), a quick release, fully rotatable handle with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes throughout. The Unified Baseplate includes an ARRI dovetail slot on the bottom which attaches to the the included Safety Dovetail (12”).

Weight: 2131.88 g (4.7 lbs) 
Dimensions: 406.4 x 152.4 x 76.2 mm (16 x 6 x 3 in)

  • Top Plate (Panasonic EVA-1)
  • Unified Baseplate (Panasonic EVA-1)
  • 2x 15mm Rod (15")
  • NATO Handle Kit (Plus, 70mm)
  • Safety Dovetail (12”)
  • Battery Slide (Panasonic EVA-1)
  • UVF Mount (Panasonic EVA-1)