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Extension Arms

Matthews NOGA Arm - Large

NOGA Arm by Matthews - Large is 22" (55.8cm) long at full extension and will support …

£155.00 ex VAT

Matthews NOGA Arm - Medium

NOGA Arm by Matthews - Medium is 10.5" (26.6cm) long at full extension and will suppo…

£145.00 ex VAT

Kupo Max Arm Kit included KCP-710, Camera Bracket and Backlite Base

The Same fuction as KCP-101CB but with more standard accessories included Convi clam…

£104.00 ex VAT

Kupo Wheel Handle Max Arm With Quick Release Camera Bracket

A variable friction Max arm equipped with a quick release camera plate for precise po…

£88.00 ex VAT

Manfrotto 244N Variable Friction Arm

Articulated arm. Features as 143N, but a large locking knob takes the place of cam-le…

£75.00 ex VAT

Kupo Max Arm with Camera Bracket

This is especially-designed articulated arm with a camera plate and ideal for mountin…

£75.00 ex VAT

Manfrotto Magic Arm Only

Articulated arm with centre locking lever to lock pivoting arm and ball and socket at…

£72.00 ex VAT

Kupo KCP-101W Max Arm with Wheel Handle

The function is as the same as KCP-101 Max Arm but with wheel handle which comes with…

£67.00 ex VAT

Kupo KCP-101H Max Arm with Handle

The Max arm is especially designed for lighting, video, film or stills use. The multi…

£67.00 ex VAT

Dedolight Flexible Stand Extension (510 mm)

Dedolight Flexible stand extension (510 mm) An ever popular problem solver – thi…

£52.20 ex VAT

Kupo Flex Arm Kit for Dots & Finger

The kits comes with a 14mm diameter, 45cm long double 3/8"-16 female threads flex arm…

£45.00 ex VAT

Kupo Articulated Arm

Kupo Articulated Arm

£44.00 ex VAT