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Allows microphones to be mounted on boom poles, cameras and pistol grips to handhold whilst avoiding handling noise.

Manfrotto MICC2 Universal Microphone Clip

Universal microphone clip, screws to mic stand (not included) and holds microphone, b…

£5.00 ex VAT

Marantz Audio Scope Gear - Shotgun Microphone Accessory Package

Be ready for any situation requiring a shotgun mic—anything from using a boom pole …

£29.00 ex VAT

Rode Long Shotgun Blimp Extension Kit

The Long Shotgun Blimp Extension Kit from Rode is an add-on component kit for the Rod…

£46.00 ex VAT

Rode NTSM2 Suspension Mount

The SM2 is a suspension shock mount that holds a range of large diaphragm condenser m…

£38.00 ex VAT

Rode NTSM6 Mount & Popshield

The SM6 is a high quality suspension shock mount that supports many large diaphragm R…

£40.00 ex VAT

Rode PG2 Pistol Grip Shock Mount

The RØDE PG2 Pistol Grip Shock Mount is designed to reduce handling noise when recor…

£52.00 ex VAT

Rode PG2-R Pistol Grip Shockmount

The PG2-R Pistol Grip Shockmount from RØDE is designed to reduce handling noise when…

£52.00 ex VAT

Rode PSM1 Microphone Shock Mount

The perfect suspension shock mount for the Procaster or Podcaster, the PSM1 provides …

£31.00 ex VAT

Rode SM3 Microphone Suspension Mount to Fit Accessory Shoe

The Rode SM3 is a shock mount designed to significantly reduce vibration transmission…

£31.00 ex VAT

Rode SM3-R Camera Shoe Shockmount

The SM3-R Camera Shoe Shockmount from RØDE is a suspension shockmount with a camera …

£33.00 ex VAT

Rode SM4-R Suspension Shockmount

The SM4-R Suspension Shockmount from RØDE is for mounting various RØDE microphones …

£33.00 ex VAT

Rode SM5 Suspension mount

A shotgun microphone suspension shock mount for high end video cameras. The SM5 shock…

£31.00 ex VAT