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Panasonic Chargers

IDX PP-2A Kit - 2x IDX SL-VBD96 Batteries, 1x LC-2A Charger

SL-VBD9: The SL-VBD96 7.2V Li-Ion Battery from IDX is designed for select Panason…

£321.00 ex VAT
£385.20 inc VAT

Panasonic AG-BRD50E Charger for AG-VBR Batteries

The Panasonic AG-BRD50 is a 12V dual battery charger for the Panasonic AG-VBR118G, AG…

£185.00 ex VAT
£222.00 inc VAT

IDX LC-2A Battery Charger

Supplied with a series of interchangeable battery adapter interfaces, the IDX LC-2A i…

£96.00 ex VAT
£115.20 inc VAT

Swit Panasonic VWV Style Dual Channel Sequential Charger / AC Adapter

Swit's S-3602B is a dual channel simultaneous charger for Swit S-8BG6 and Panasonic V…

£89.00 ex VAT
£106.80 inc VAT

Swit S-3602M DV Battery Charger/Adaptor

S-3602M is a dual channel simultaneous charger of S-8M91, S-8M71 and compatible with …

£89.00 ex VAT
£106.80 inc VAT

Panasonic DMW-BTC14 Battery Charger for Lumix S1 and S1R

USB PD-Compatible High-Speed Battery Charger: Designed exclusively for battery DMW…

£83.33 ex VAT
£100.00 inc VAT

Hahnel Pro CUBE BLF-19 Dual Battery Charger

Previous wired plate replaced with a user-friendly cable-less version Top-up ch…

£51.00 ex VAT
£61.20 inc VAT